2020 Vision Plan

In 2020, we envision Prince Street Church of the United Brethren in Christ (PSC) to be a multi-generational congregation on fire for Jesus which is actively having a positive spiritual impact within the Shippensburg, PA area. Blending individuals at all stages of their spiritual walk, PSC meets people where they are and assists them in becoming “healthy”, “growing”, “reproducing” disciples of Jesus Christ. We are expectantly seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to fulfill His vision for PSC as described by the following six statements:

Biblical authority is fundamental for all we do.

We envision every aspect of church life being centered on and guided by the unchanging truths and principles of God’s Word as revealed in the Bible. We anticipate the people of PSC having an understanding of the Bible that translates into transformed attitudes and behaviors thereby enabling them to discern truth. In areas where Scripture does not give explicit directions or absolutes, the following guidelines will assist us in making wise lifestyle decisions based on biblical principles: Pray for guidance (James 1:5); Study all biblical passages related to the issue; Review the laws of the land regarding the issue (Romans 13:1-7), Refusing to use those laws to justify disobeying Biblical principles (Hebrews 13:17); Seek the counsel of mature Christians (Proverbs 15:22, 27:17); Carefully weigh and consider current scientific and medical evidence regarding the issue (Proverbs 18:15); Consider any harmful effect your action may have on others; Consider any harmful effect on your testimony (Romans 14, 1 Corinthians 10:32-33); If in doubt, act according to your conscience and continue developing your convictions (Romans 14:23).

We are committed to helping individuals grow in a personal relationship with Jesus through worship, Bible study and prayer.

We envision faith being lived out with commitment, fire and enthusiasm. We anticipate an environment in which individuals are met at their level of spiritual maturity and assisted in taking their next step forward in spiritual growth. As individuals grow, they will desire to share what they have learned with others, always looking toward the future with a sense of expectation.

We envision individuals identifying their spiritual gifts and integrating them into appropriate ministries. We anticipate an environment in which the majority of participants are actively engaged in ministry and seeking to find ways to use their gifts to expand the work of God’s Kingdom. Ministries are constantly adding “entry level” ministry positions and encouraging individuals to pursue greater levels of ministry involvement and responsibility.

We envision every individual finding community, practical help, and intensive spiritual interaction in a small group. We anticipate an environment in which all small groups serve as the primary vehicle of body life, identifying and meeting needs within the group, engaging in need-oriented service/outreach/evangelism projects, encouraging the spiritual growth of its members, developing leaders/apprentices internally, and regularly launching new groups with new leaders.

We envision leaders equipping, supporting, motivating and mentoring individuals to become all that God wants them to be. We anticipate an environment in which individuals are being identified, equipped and encouraged to pursue increasing levels of leadership involvement at all levels of ministry (groups, ministry teams, commissions, etc.). Leaders model servant leadership and maintain Biblical standards for leaders (1 Timothy 3:1-13).

We believe God desires our worship. We want our times of collective worship to exalt Christ, to be celebrative, reflective and life changing, engaging both the heart and the mind.

We envision our worship services being such wonderful experiences for those who attend them that they would not miss it for anything. Worship services will center on glorifying God, utilizing a perfect blend of excitement and reverence which is used by the Holy Spirit to move our hearts and challenges us to be holy in all aspects of our lives. We anticipate growing into three Sunday morning worship services, with all worship services attracting new participants. Children’s ministries will be available during at least two morning worship services with the schedule being adjusted as needed to provide the most convenient times possible for people to gather for worship.

Christ loved us, so we must show His love to others by caring for one another in meaningful ways so that love and acceptance are felt.

We envision the relationships of the people of PSC being characterized by a high degree of genuine love and affection which is felt by others. We anticipate an environment in which every person is valued as a gift from God, with relationships being intentionally built across generational lines. We are aware of, and provide for the needs of others because we are friends in and out of the church building. We support our leaders and do our best to provide them with the necessary tools and education to best lead God’s people in ministry. When conflict arises, it is being resolved quickly and lovingly, using Matthew 18:15-17 as our guide.

We faithfully follow Christ in building families and are committed to preserving and strengthening Biblical marriage and families as God ordained institutions.

We envision the families of PSC to be the primary means of communicating and nurturing faith. We anticipate parents being the primary spiritual mentor of their children, with the ministries of the church supporting and enabling them to fulfill this God-given role. Biblical instruction on marriage and family life are regularly being provided in multiple settings (worship, group, individual, retreat/conferences, etc.) and a healthy balance between family and congregational life is being encouraged.

We are committed to spreading the gospel through service, evangelism and outreach on a local, regional and global level.

We envision the Gospel being shared consistently in ways that meet the questions and needs of pre-Christians. We anticipate an environment in which individuals are intentionally engaging in activities with people in their families, workplaces and neighborhoods in ways that have a positive impact which open doors for sharing the Gospel. We include “cultivating”, “planting”, and “reaping” activities as a regular part of congregational life. We partner with other congregations, ministries and organizations to meet needs within the Shippensburg community.  Regionally and globally, we pray for, financially support, and send missionaries in both short-term and long-term settings and will partner with other churches and other organizations to share the Gospel across the United States and around the world.

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