20 N. Prince Street, Shippensburg, PA 17257 - 717.532.8404
Nursery Care is provided for
children age 3 and under at all
worship celebrations. The nursery
is located at the end of the long hall
of the lower level, directly under the
platform area.
Nursery Care:
Prince Street Church
"Friends helping
friends follow Jesus."
Worship Ministries:
We hold two worship celebrations each Sunday morning.
Regardless of which you choose, casual dress is always
appropriate. Here's a summary to help you get a feel for
what you'll find when you come.

8:30 Worship Celebration
Some people are early risers. Others enjoy hymns and
gospel songs. Still others simply prefer the choir, organ and
piano which generally assist in leading singing. The
average age of the congregation tends toward the Senior
Adult range, but you'll also find some younger families.

11:00 Worship Celebration
If you prefer a later time and modern music, this time slot's
for you. A worship team of singers, guitars, drums and
keyboards generally assist in leading singing. The average
age tends to be younger, but you will find some Senior
Adults as well.
Children's Worship:
Children need to hear how God's
Word applies to their lives. So,
during sermon in the 11:00 Worship
Celebration, we have a special
Children's Worship time just for

Kids are escorted to the Children's
Ministry Area, located on the long
hall of the lower level for this time.
Parents are asked to pick  their
children up personally after Worship.