United Brethren in Christ
We are a member of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ.
The Church of the United Brethren in Christ is a conservative,, evangelical denomination consisting of about 200 churches in the United States, and another 300 churches scattered among 17 other countries.
Here are some ways to describe us:
  • Evangelical.  Theologically, we enjoy solid evangelical credentials.
  • Not huge.  We have about 200 churches in the United States.  Being huge has its advantages, but that’s not who we are.
  • International.  We include churches in 19 countries, and a presence in a number of others.
  • Welcoming.  We gladly link arms with other Christian denominations, organizations and groups to accomplish Christ’s mission.
  • Church-focused.  We’re not big on denominational stuff.  the local church is where things happen.
  • Adverse to hangups.  We take stands where necessary, but avoid areas where Christians can legitimately disagree.  We don’t like to scare people off or fight each other.
  • Historic.  We’ve been around for over 250 years.  In fact, we were the first new denomination to begin in the New World.  For whatever that’s worth.
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Missions has always been a priority for United Brethren people.  Over the years, the Church of the United Brethren in Christ has branched into a number of countries.  Sometimes we pioneered new work, starting churches from scratch (Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Macau, among others).  Other times we adopted churches that wanted to affiliate with us (Honduras, Mexico, the Philippines, Haiti, and others).  Over the years, our missions work has been known by a variety of names, becoming “UBGlobal” in 2017.  Today UBGlobal partners with United Brethren churches and leaders in 17 other countries, encouraging and strengthening their Great Commission efforts.
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Huntington University
Huntington University is a private four-year liberal arts university which offers over 70 programs of study.  The Church of the United Brethren in Christ founded Huntington University (what was then called Central College) in 1897.  bishop Milton Wright (whose sons, Orville and Wilbur, would be the first to fly) offered the prayer of dedication which marked a new beginning for students and faulty transferring from Hartsville College, a United Brethren school that had closed during the summer.  Since that time, the United Brethren Church has played a pivotal point in shaping the university into what it is today.
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