Children’s Ministry
Believe Learn And Seek Truth
The purpose of Prince Street B.L.A.S.T. Children’s Ministry is to introduce children to the love of Jesus Christ.  Teaching them to Believe the word of God, Learn to trust and obey God’s word through Bible study, and grow in their spiritual walk as they Seek the Truth of God’s plan for them.
Our focus, while primarily working with the children, also includes family ministry and equipping parents to be their spiritual mentors.
All staff receive training relative to their age groups and have all required clearances.
What’s Available For Kids At Prince Street Church?
Sunday school 9:45-10:45 am
Birth through 3 years
We have trained volunteers waiting to welcome your little ones into our nursery.  Their time will be spent playing, listening to and singing along with CDs and short Bible stories.  In addition, the nursery has available tips and information that may be useful to parents.  The nursery is located at the end of the hall in the Children’s Wing in the lower level.
3 Years through Kindergarten  
Boys and girls are given time to play until all age groups come together for music.  When they return to their class they will have Bible stories, hands-on activities, games and art activities.  They begin to learn the importance of learning “Bible words.”  This class is the first room on the right as you enter the Children’s Wing in the lower level.
1st & 2nd Grade  
After a time of singing and prayer with all the children, the boys and girls go to their classroom to hear Bible stories, play games, and create art projects.  The boys and girls are encouraged, but not forced to begin reading the Bible aloud during class time.  Bible memorization is given more priority with the kids.  Quiet time at home is also encouraged.  The boys and girls learn the importance of obeying God’s word in things like honesty, sharing, obeying your parents, showing kindness to everyone and serving Jesus through serving others.  This class is held in the first room on the left, after the double doors, as you enter the Children’s Wing in the lower level.
3rd – 5th Grade  
The boys and girls join all the others for group music.  They are given leadership opportunities to help develop Godly leadership skills.  This age group is beginning to question everything.  We encourage their questions and try to answer them through Bible study.
Questions like:
Why do good things happen to bad people?
Does doing good things make God like me more?
How do  I know God really hears my prayers?
Bible reading and memorization is encouraged when possible.  This class is the 2nd door on the left after the double doors as you enter the Children’s Wing basement.
Although our kids are encouraged to work together and fit into our classes, we work very hard on learning about and getting to know each child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their likes and dislikes.  Making sure each child feels valued and loved by not only God but the adults and classmates as well.  Special needs are always given serious consideration and parents are encouraged to talk with staff about any concerns.
Sunday Morning Worship Service
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Adventures in Worship
1st – 5th Grade  
(previously known as Children’s Worship)
Gospel Adventures is a time of praise, worship and Bible study during the adult Contemporary Worship Service.  Emphasis at this time is a quieter time of age appropriate worship and praise through song, Bible reading and prayer.  Children attend the adult worship service with their parents and are dismissed by Pastor John at the appropriate time.  They are led back upstairs to their parents or guardians at the end of service.  Gospel Adventures is located in the second and third classrooms on the left after you pass the double doors of the Children’s Wing in the lower level.
3 Years – Kindergarten
(previously known as Toddler Nursery)
Boys and girls are given a small snack and water to drink.  Time is spent on short stories using books, puppets, and flannel graphs, as well as music.  Plenty of time is also given to play with the other children and develop listening skills, and social skills.  The children are dismissed from adult worship with the older kids and brought back to the parents at the end of the service.  This is located in the third classroom on the right in the hall of the Children’s Wind in the lower level.
Infant through 3 Years
Childcare is available in the nursery by trained staff.  Children will have the opportunity to play, listen to stories and music.  The nursery is located at the end of the hall in the Children’s Wing in the basement.
Wednesday Night JAM – 3 Years – 5th Grade
Jesus And Me!
6:30 – 8:00 pm
Cherie Finkey     Becky Greenland     Erin Rotz     Melody Shubert
This is a great time to come together and have fun learning how to live like Jesus.  The boys and girls travel through different centers where they play games, have snacks, do arts and crafts and have a lesson.  We have previously used Slimed, Cooking with Jesus, and Snowflakes as well as many other fun learning activities.  This year, some of our offerings are What’s in Your Backpack, Monsters, Bible Art, and Gross!  This is a great time for boys and girls to invite their friends and have a GREAT time.  JAM is located in  various classrooms in the Children’s Wing in the lower level.
JAM will take a “Summer Break” approximately May through August. 
If you would like to volunteer with  our Harmony Youth Group or Children’s Ministry,
please click the link below to get clearances and more information.