Discipleship Commission

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The Discipleship Commission is committed to developing and implementing programs that build Christlike character.  We do that by engaging in the lives of people through relationships and offering curriculum and programs that connect them with others who will walk beside them on their faith journey.
The Curriculum Review Team (CRT) will research resources that are suggested by teachers, congregational members, or those on the CRT to see if the materials are consistent with the UBIC confession of faith as well as being biblically sound through an approval process. The approval process will include: seeing if the study/author/etc. is biblically sound and consistent with the UBIC confession of faith; marking it as having a specific core group (if applicable); determining how much advanced preparation is needed for those leading the group. The results will be given back to the leader with the initial request and will also be stored in the church library in the CRT Review Checklist binder located on the check in/out table as a database for others to view for future use.

Discipleship Commission

Curriculum Review Submission and Approval Process


Team includes: Eunice Barner, Brenda Pellow, Cherie Finkey, Pastor John Shadle, Pastor Michael Gleason, and team coordinator Amanda Clever. Please submit suggested group studies/ topics for any small group or Sunday School class to Amanda Clever, CRT Coordinator at meezycsam@comcast.net. All teacher materials will be ordered at that time. Materials that are pre-approved for the use of any group are studies already in the PSC library and Sunday School Quarterlies. All other studies will need approval by the CRT. SUBMISSION TIMELINE: All suggested studies need to be submitted the quarter prior to them being taught.

  • Quarters are broken down into the following:
    • January-March
    • April-June
    • July-Sept
    • October-December.
  • Deadline for submissions are the following:
    • If taught in April-June, deadline is first week of January.
    • If taught in July-September, deadline is first week of April.
    • If taught in October-December, deadline is first week of July.
    • If taught in January-March, deadline is first week of October.
  • This timeline also includes giving the Ministry Assistant a month to order the materials prior to the start date.

Guidelines for Suggested Materials:

  • We are giving groups an initial $40 limit, which includes teaching resources and participant guide for the CRT to review. If costs will be over this amount, participants or groups will have to contribute in purchasing the rest of the materials for the entire class to use.